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This proven and reliable technology will increase your home value and offer long-term performance and maintenance-free operation. In general, a properly sized solar pool heater will maintain 80˚ degrees or warmer all year under normal weather conditions.

Most solar pool heating systems in our area can be installed for $3,500.00 to $7,500.00 and will often pay for themselves in 2-4 years. Solar has no ongoing operational costs, so you will never have to turn your heater off due to high costs.

By taking advantage of the sun’s abundant free energy, you are ensuring a bright future for the following generations. Our solar pool heating systems are virtually maintenance-free compared to other options and will continue to save you money and energy for 15 years or more!


A solar pool heater makes for more comfortable swimming while a child swims in a pool using a floaty.
Woman with a hat in a solar heated pool.

A swimming pool heater increases your home’s value and most importantly, allows you and your loved ones to get more enjoyment and relaxation out of your swimming pool investment.

Several pool heating options are available and determining which heater will work best for you will depend on several factors, such as temperature expectations, pool usage, and budget considerations.

State-of-the-art products, superior warranties, quality craftsmanship, and more than 40 years of experience set us apart in the pool heating field. We carefully assess each site, designing a pool heating system that will best suit your needs and budget.


Why heat your pool with solar?

More Swimming

What good is a pool if it is too cold to use? Solar keeps your pool swim-ready all season long.

Save Money

We can’t predict the future price of your electricity, but we can guarantee you’ll never open a bill from the Sun.

Eco Friendly

Fossil-fuel heaters pollute the planet and deplete its natural resources. Solar is an emission-free and renewable source of energy.


Gas pool heaters need to be replaced every 5-7 years, heat pumps 7-10 years, and a solar heater has a 15-year expected service life.

Find out how much you can save with Stilwell Solar

How does solar pool heating work?

Diagram of how solar pool heating works. Cold water enters the top of the solar panels, heating as it moves downward through the pipes and ultimately back to the pool.

Solar pool heating is a simple process that collects free heat from the sun and transfers it to your pool. This technology uses black polypropylene collectors to absorb the sun’s heat and your existing pool equipment to circulate the warm water.

A manual valve or automatic solar control allows you to regulate the temperature. Stilwell’s solar pool heaters are fully customized specifically for your home and pool. We personally visit each home to ensure we have every detail to accurately design your solar pool heater using several factors:

 Pool size

 Pool orientation

 Roof material and vent location

 Temperature expectations

 Pool usage

 Control type

 Existing Pool Equipment

Quality & Performance

We demand the best products for superior results and performance. Stilwell Solar is the exclusive Aquatherm Solar Industries Master Dealer in Southwest Florida. Manufactured for over 40 years, Aquatherm is the largest manufacturer of swimming pool solar components in North America.

They are committed to innovative design, uncompromising quality assurance, and a superior manufacturing process.

Exceeding the safety, durability, and toxicity standards of NSF-50, Solar Industries patented materials and high-performing panel design means our quality solar pool heating systems outperform and will outlast the competition.

With tens of thousands of Solar Industries installations worldwide since 1976, you cannot find better-built, better-backed solar components.

High BTU Rating

Highest BTU Collector Rating 93.5% Thermal Efficiency (FSEC Cert#00617).

Built with Quality

Stainless steel mounting hardware, including strap – designed to withstand hurricane-force winds.

Made in the USA

Aquatherm is made from their 50,000 sq. ft manufacturing facility in Lakewood, NJ.

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