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Swimming pool heat pumps capture warm air and transfer it to your pool. Heat pumps work best in air temperatures above 50°F and provide very effective heating in South Florida’s mild climate.

These heaters have no temperature limitations during cool winter months, are not impacted during cloudy weather, and can heat at night offering more consistent heating than a solar pool heater.

We can install any brand heater but recommend using a local manufacturer to ensure prompt service, repairs, and maintenance when you need it.

Heat Pump Benefits

Swim year-round

Low operation costs

Quiet operation

7-year manufacturer warranty

Titanium exchanger

Aquaterm Whisper Heat
Electric pool heat pump Cape Coral

Electric Pool Heating

Hybrid Pool Heater

Electric pool heat pumps are sized based on your specific needs using factors such as your pool size, temperature expectations, and cover use. The cost of installing a high-quality heat pump is comparable to installing a solar pool heater.

Annual operation costs will vary based on temperature settings, unit efficiency, and pool cover use during cooler months. Heat pumps require annual check-ups and, with proper maintenance, can provide 10 years or more of worry-free operation.

Best of Both with Solar

If a high utility bill prevents you from using your pool heater and enjoying your pool as often as you would like, add a solar system to create a hybrid heating system and stop worrying about high heating costs.

In a hybrid system, solar is the primary source of heat, and the existing heater provides backup heat only when needed to achieve desired temperatures. Since solar energy is free, this enables you to significantly reduce your operating costs compared to using an electric heater alone.

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