Can an HOA Deny Solar Panels?

If you live in an HOA, you may be wondering; can an HOA deny solar panels? Homeowner’s associations are known for having rules dictating what your property looks like and how you can change it. That often includes an approval process that can end with you not being able to make changes. When it comes to adding solar, it may not be as challenging as you imagine.

Solar panels on a group of homes.The first thing you need to know when planning to go solar with an HOA is that a Florida statute prevents an HOA from denying solar panels. That does not mean they have no say in the process, though. According to the statute, if the panels are “within an orientation to the south or within 45° east or west of due south if such determination does not impair the effective operation of the solar collectors,” the association has the right to tell you where to place them.

Even though your HOA can’t prevent you from adding solar to your home, you should involve them in the process. Presenting your plans clearly and respectfully can help alleviate concerns. Be prepared to address any questions or objections the board members may have and consider providing information about the benefits of solar energy.

Often, the reason an HOA would deny solar panels is aesthetic concerns. Solar panels have come a long way from the time of silver and blue panels that many people dislike. When you use a solar company like Stilwell Solar, you’ll get sleek, black panels that won’t impact the look of your home or community.

Work with a Reputable Solar Installer

When it is time to go solar with an HOA, select a solar installer with experience working in HOA communities. A reputable installer will be familiar with the local regulations and HOA requirements, ensuring that your solar system complies with all necessary guidelines. They can also help you design a system that meets your energy needs.

At Stilwell Solar, we have more than 40 years of experience installing whole-home solar and solar pool heaters throughout Southwest Florida. We can help find the best solution for your home that satisfies the concerns of your HOA. Contact us or call (239) 495-5988 to learn how easy the process can be.